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Yoga for Every Soul: Your Personal Retreat at Home

Dive into a transformative Yoga experience with Projeto Raiz, where every practice, from the grounding Hatha to the energizing Vinyasa, is tailored to your needs and delivered to your door.

Each session is a step toward greater flexibility, strength, and balance, setting the foundation for a life of vitality and calm. With us, your journey to wellness unfolds in the comfort of your home.

Our yoga styles


Hatha Yoga

A fundamental style of yoga that focuses on physical postures and breath control for balance and energy flow.


Yin Yoga

A form of meditative yoga in which deep stretches are held for long periods to work the deeper tissues.


Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic “flow yoga” that synchronizes breathing with a series of fluid transition postures. Usually more physically demanding.



Personalized yoga practices designed to support physical, mental and emotional health, often as a complementary treatment.


Senior Yoga

Yoga adapted for older adults, focusing on flexibility, balance, strength and relaxation.


Yoga for Pregnant Women

It supports pregnant women through gentle movements and breathing, relieving discomfort and promoting relaxation.


Yoga for Children

An engaging introduction to yoga for children, combining basic postures, breathing and relaxation.



A bonding experience between parents and babies, which includes stretching and gentle movements for the babies.

Yoga and Pilates instructors

Gilberto Soares
Ana-Rodrigues - Yoga
Ana Rodrigues
Liliana-Ramos - Yoga
Liliana Ramos
Júlia Trajano - Fisioterapeuta
júlia trajano

Personalized Practices for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our priority is your well-being

Com base em 13 avaliações
R Carapita
R Carapita
Excellent classes. Liliana is an amazing amd experienced yoga instructor.
Fátima Almeida Nunes
Fátima Almeida Nunes
O meu contato com o yoga foi-me sugerido devido a um problema de saúde! Curioso… eu que muitas vezes já tinha pensado na prática do yoga mas que a mesma não era para mim porque era muito “parado”! Ui como eu estava errada nos meus pensamentos 🤗 …e foi assim que eu entrei para a FAMÍLIA RAIZ🤩 Na Raiz existe todo um cuidado com as nossas limitações e problemas, focando e adaptando a prática do yoga às nossas necessidades, ajudado-nos a despertar o nosso corpo através dos ássanas, da respiração, da concentração, ajudando-nos a abstrair dos nossos pensamentos e problemas, concentrando-nos no “aqui e agora” da prática do yoga 🧘‍♀️
Celestina Ventura
Celestina Ventura
Pratico na Raiz Yoga desde há mais de 10 anos, costumo ser assídua e pontual e adoro. Sinto-me muito bem física e emocionalmente muito mais tranquila. Aconselho a prática a todos, especialmente se conseguirem praticar com regularidade. Praticar com o Gil é muito especial. Agradeço muito poder fazê-lo.
Catarina Crisostomo
Catarina Crisostomo
Um espaço de conhecimento profundo, harmonia e bem-estar. Entre em contacto consigo e com o maravilhoso mundo do yoga com instrutores muito bem preparados, de nível internacional.
eduardo ildefonso
eduardo ildefonso
Once you met Ana and Gil your spirit becomes calm and relaxed. They are so kind souls. Its a pleasure to be your client, also work together with yoga and surf lessons and most of all be your friend. Keep your good work....all the best 🤙🤙
lenita lenita
lenita lenita
Started my yoga practice in 2019 with Gilberto on the Raiz Studio in Grândola. Has been a pleasant path these years always feeling that i'm improving my body flexibility/ mobility and my health. Gilberto is a excellent teacher with a lot of knowledgement about yoga and about anatomy. We feel that we are on good hands. My baby girl (that has 15months) has yoga baby classes with the teacher Liliana. Its so nice to see how much she learned these months. We can think that is just some yoga positions and some sensorial activities but is much more than that!( When she ear the word "yoga" she makes the downfacing dog position). Thanks Great job
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