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Relaxation Massage - Aromatherapy

The Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage is a full-body massage, calm and gentle, aimed at freeing the body from the burden of daily stress or work and a feeling of deep relaxation to combat tiredness, seeking energy balance by unblocking the points most in need and relieving tension, especially in the neck, shoulders and back.

This massage is combined with the aromatherapy technique, using vegan and organic oils, specially chosen with relaxing properties just for you.

INDICATED FOR: Accumulated stress, fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, tiredness, generalized pain, relaxation.



Personalized Therapeutic Massage / Deep Tissue

The Personalized Therapeutic Massage/Deep Tissue is a full-body massage, intense and strong, which is aimed at those bodies that like good pressure in their massage, aimed at specific treatment situations, such as localized pain, injuries, contractures and discomforts, being a treatment customized to the needs of each person. It combines techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release techniques, stretching, acupressure on acupuncture points and oriental massage techniques.

The massage oil used is prepared according to the specific needs of each situation.

INDICATED FOR: chronic or acute pain, posture correction, low back pain, localized muscle tension, contractures, joint problems, sciatica.



Geothermal Hot Stone Massage

Relaxing and comforting treatment with the power of hot basalt stones. It’s a full-body massage with scented oil that provides a feeling of physical, emotional and mental well-being, the result of combining the massage with the placement of hot stones on certain chakras in the body.

INDICATED FOR: Accumulated stress, fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, tiredness, generalized pain, relaxation, contractures.



Ayurvedic massage

A very complete Oriental therapy that combines the use of heated oil customized to each Ayurvedic Medicine biotype (Vata – Pitta – Kapha) with the ancient techniques of Indian massage. It involves healing the body with movements and stretches, combined with acupressure and massage techniques in specific areas and points to release and stimulate the energy channels.

Massage performed on a massage Futon (mattress on the floor), where the foot massage technique is also used, providing an excellent massage experience and a feeling of inner peace and deep balance.

INDICATED FOR: recovery of general well-being, lethargy, stress relief, anxiety, frustration, maintenance of body and mind, depressive states, insomnia, muscle stiffness and tension, posture correction, energy imbalance, pain, sciatica, tiredness and fatigue.




A unique Ayurvedic therapy that promotes deep relaxation and connection with the inner spirit, through the tranquillity induced in the nervous system and brain by the constant flow of medicated and therapeutic oil over the forehead (interciliary zone – 6th chakra).

It’s a treatment tailored to your Ayurvedic Medicine biotype (Vata, Pita, Kapha) that induces a state of deep, restorative sleep with the release of serotonin and the activation of the pineal and pituitary glands.

INDICATED FOR: insomnia, depressive states, changes in the nervous system, cognitive problems, memory and concentration problems, accumulated stress, anxiety, headaches, physical and mental fatigue, vertigo, fears, somatization.



Lymphatic drainage

Treatment that stimulates and directs the flow of lymph, according to Ayurvedic science. This is an extremely gentle massage with the aim of stimulating the lymphatic system and thus detoxifying the body. Lymphatic drainage is like a nourishing bath for the blood, which then nourishes the whole body and produces a feeling of lightness and well-being.

INDICATED FOR: fluid retention, oedema, postpartum, excess weight, post-surgery, prolonged illness, feeling tired for no reason, stress, sedentary lifestyle, improving the immune system.


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Our priority is your Well-being

Com base em 13 avaliações
R Carapita
R Carapita
Excellent classes. Liliana is an amazing amd experienced yoga instructor.
Fátima Almeida Nunes
Fátima Almeida Nunes
O meu contato com o yoga foi-me sugerido devido a um problema de saúde! Curioso… eu que muitas vezes já tinha pensado na prática do yoga mas que a mesma não era para mim porque era muito “parado”! Ui como eu estava errada nos meus pensamentos 🤗 …e foi assim que eu entrei para a FAMÍLIA RAIZ🤩 Na Raiz existe todo um cuidado com as nossas limitações e problemas, focando e adaptando a prática do yoga às nossas necessidades, ajudado-nos a despertar o nosso corpo através dos ássanas, da respiração, da concentração, ajudando-nos a abstrair dos nossos pensamentos e problemas, concentrando-nos no “aqui e agora” da prática do yoga 🧘‍♀️
Celestina Ventura
Celestina Ventura
Pratico na Raiz Yoga desde há mais de 10 anos, costumo ser assídua e pontual e adoro. Sinto-me muito bem física e emocionalmente muito mais tranquila. Aconselho a prática a todos, especialmente se conseguirem praticar com regularidade. Praticar com o Gil é muito especial. Agradeço muito poder fazê-lo.
Catarina Crisostomo
Catarina Crisostomo
Um espaço de conhecimento profundo, harmonia e bem-estar. Entre em contacto consigo e com o maravilhoso mundo do yoga com instrutores muito bem preparados, de nível internacional.
eduardo ildefonso
eduardo ildefonso
Once you met Ana and Gil your spirit becomes calm and relaxed. They are so kind souls. Its a pleasure to be your client, also work together with yoga and surf lessons and most of all be your friend. Keep your good work....all the best 🤙🤙
lenita lenita
lenita lenita
Started my yoga practice in 2019 with Gilberto on the Raiz Studio in Grândola. Has been a pleasant path these years always feeling that i'm improving my body flexibility/ mobility and my health. Gilberto is a excellent teacher with a lot of knowledgement about yoga and about anatomy. We feel that we are on good hands. My baby girl (that has 15months) has yoga baby classes with the teacher Liliana. Its so nice to see how much she learned these months. We can think that is just some yoga positions and some sensorial activities but is much more than that!( When she ear the word "yoga" she makes the downfacing dog position). Thanks Great job

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